80 Series Steering Linkage
80 Series Steering Linkage

80 Series Steering Linkage

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**PRESALE - All steering tubes will be ready to ship by the end of June***

When the highest strength and quality matters! Our steering linkage for the 80 Series Land Cruiser is made from 7075 aluminum, and is 1-1/2" OD. Each tube is grooved on the LH thread side, and each side has wrench flats. Out tubes are designed to work with OEM thread, and we recommend using TRE's link the 555 that you can get from Cruiser Outfitters

Our steering linkage is sold as a kit containing the drag link, tie rod, and appropriate jam nuts.


What is 7075 Alloy?

This particular material has been proven around the world in Rock crawlers, Ultra4, Rock Bouncers, & other motorsports. For it's strength & resistance to bending. Whilst remaining very light weight.

7075 has a memory characteristic, Meaning it will flex & return to straight in extreme situations. Whilst still retaining its strength.