Forged Ball Joint Sway Bar Links

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Restore your suspension, ride quality, handling, and off road capability after lifting your Toyota by installing these custom made sway bar links! The forged links are completely sealed for a long maintenance free life. Mounting studs match OEM thread and pitch for a OEM fit. All links are completely adjustable for both front and rear. These forged ball joints are custom made just for OCD, and can't be found anywhere else. 

  • Black polyurethane bushings
  • B7 Threaded studs, rated at 150,000 PSI
  • Drilled hex tubes with right and left hand threads
  • Custom forged ball joints much like OEM
  • Grade 8 hardware where applicable 
  • 1" longer than OEM links
    • Front double ball joint links will be slightly longer than OEM length
  • Completely adjustable/rebuildable