Sliding Front Disconnect
Sliding Front Disconnect

Sliding Front Disconnect

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**Current lead time is 3-4 weeks**

Please make sure to read the entire description below to ensure you understand exactly what you're purchasing.

These are a sway bar link that we started making several years ago at the request of an FJ Cruiser owner. We don't usually stock these, but at times will build 10-15 sets to sell.

Do these work? Yes, they do allow for a bit more suspension travel, but just how much is debatable and varies from vehicle to vehicle. It's also recommended that you have a sway bar relocation kit install. 

These WILL require maintenance to keep the heim joint races clean/lubricated, and Tri-Flow Uniball lubricant is the preferred lube for heim joints. The pins can be tricky at time to get inserted and will insert in only 1 direction due to hole placement never being in the exact same location. They will chatter a bit when connected, and they might clank when disconnected due to metal on metal contact. We do use a rubber isolation washer to help minimize the clank, and this has helped a bit.

Below are the vehicles these will work on.

  • 03+ Toyota 4runner
  • 05+ Toyota Tacoma
  • 07+ Toyota FJ Cruiser 

*Please note that these will NOT work on Lexus GX's. Yes we understand that the GX is "supposed" to be comparable to the 4th Gen 4runner, but comparable doesn't mean same. If you purchase these for a GX understand that you're purchasing something that might not work for you, and we don't recommend them for your GX.